Tips for hosting a killer kids garage sale

mother with baby chooses wear at clothes shop

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Pool parties, barbecues, bonfires, and garage sales are sure signs that summer is in full swing. Garage sales are the first of these that start sprouting up everywhere throughout my neighborhood.  A garage sale is the perfect tool to engage your kids in a fun, hands on activity and a great opportunity for your kids to clean out their toy chest, closet, or anywhere else they have old toys stashed. Once your kids understand they will get money for new toys then they will have no problem hunting down unused toys for the sale.

Using their creativity-Decorating posters to announce the sale can be a fun activity in itself. Your kids can help pick out colors, draw layouts of their designs, and work together to make fun garage sale signs.

Getting involved and working together-In addition to contributing their own stuff to the sale, kids can also be tremendous helpers and learn a lot along the way. You can get your kids interested in pricing their own items. Simplicity is the key for cash handling with children. Try to stick with $1 increments so it is easier for them to follow along. Also this can be a good opportunity for your kids to get their friends and neighbors involved. Their friends can bring their unused toys to be included in the sale.

Donations and generosity- Having your kids be involved in a garage sale makes money for your child, but is a way for them to give to others. You can teach your kids the value of generosity. Label a donation bin and explain to your kids that whatever they put into it a less fortunate child will get. After the sale is over you can take the kids on a trip to a homeless shelter or local charity so they can see where their toys actually being donated to and they can experience the joy of giving away their possessions.

Value of saving- We all learn by doing and so allowing your kids to manage the money they earn from the sale can provide the opportunity to teach about the importance of saving. They can set aside a portion for a new toy and save the rest of it.  You can illustrate the concepts by using goals, as with a new stuffed animal a month from now versus a bicycle later this summer. This also teaches your kids a little bit about responsibility.

Lemonade stand fun-Lastly, while you are maintaining the garage sale your kids can set up a lemonade stand. This is a great chance to teach about basic business principles while allowing your kids to expose them self to success. Whether they create a new, delicious lemonade recipe or expand stand’s menu with the addition of cookies, your kids get to see with their own eyes what is possible when they put their mind to it. This also offers the perfect location for your kids to develop their communication skills. They can practice good manners while also developing their own customer base.

Summer is the perfect time to engage and interact with your kids while also teaching them valuable lessons. A killer kid’s garage sale is the foolproof way to get your kids outside, spark their creativity and imagination, and apply important tools for their future.