Unexpected surprises, adventure and romance on “The Bachelorette”

"The Bachelorette," MONDAY, MAY 25 (9:00-11:00 p.m.), on WOTV4. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

LOS ANGELES, CA-Kaitlyn is the one and only bachelorette this season, and she’s ready to begin her quest for love. However, will the men who had a stronger connection to Britt have a target on their back? The men are taught to throw a punch by one of the best – Laila Ali – in preparation for squaring off against one another. Superstar comic Amy Schumer attempts to sharpen the wit, but will they be able to make our wise-cracking Bachelorette laugh? The debonair Clint captures the first one-on-one date — an underwater photo shoot which ends in romance. All the guys are “playing nice,” until one bachelor refuses to play by the rules, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, MAY 25 (9:00-11:00 p.m.,), on WOTV4.

Eight excited bachelors arrive at a boxing gym to meet Kaitlyn. Little do they know what will hit them – literally! Undefeated World Boxing Champion Laila Ali is waiting to train them, putting the men through a rigorous boxing workout. Afterwards, Laila lands a surprise punch when she announces that the guys will battle one another in a sudden death boxing competition. The winner will get more alone time with Kaitlyn. Ben Z., who is built like a champion fighter, is so intimidating; the other bachelors have second thoughts. Much to Kaitlyn’s surprise, the guys don’t pull any punches and are truly invested in slugging it out to win her heart. However, one decisive match between Ben Z. and a scrappy underdog goes awry in a major way.

Kaitlyn gets to know the men better at the after party when Ben Z. shares the details of his heartbreaking childhood. A mysterious note arrives beckoning the Bachelorette to go outside, when Kaitlyn receives a real shocker. Who will win the group date rose?

Clint and Kaitlyn jump into a vintage Mercedes Benz to drive to a luxurious mansion with a pool. The couple will have an unusual date, as they shoot underwater photos dressed in couture fashion. They take the plunge, but will Clint and Kaitlyn’s underwater fantasy end in a rose being offered?

The Bachelorette loves a good joke, so she takes seven of the men on a group date to test their sense of humor. The bachelors are thrilled when they discover that superstar comic Amy Schumer will tutor them on how to deliver a punch line, as she prepares them for their standup debut at the famous Improv Comedy Club in Los Angeles. One by one the seven bachelors attempt to make Kaitlyn and the audience laugh. But who will get the last laugh and the rose?

The remaining men come to a consensus at the cocktail party that those who didn’t have a date this week with Kaitlyn should get to talk to her first. But one man decides to go rogue and not honor the gentleman’s agreement, causing dissention among the bachelors. Another frustrated guy confronts the Bachelorette about not getting the attention he feels he deserves, which escalates to an intense showdown when he accuses her of keeping him for the wrong reasons. The situation reaches an explosive and unexpected turn that brings people running.

The 19 remaining men are:

Ben H., 26, a software salesman from Denver, CO

Ben Z., 26, an entrepreneur from San Jose, CA

Chris “Cupcake,” 28, a dentist from Nashville, TN

Clint, 27, an architectural engineer from Chicago, IL

Corey, 30, an investment banker from New York, NY

Cory, 35, a residential developer from Pearland, TX

Daniel, 28, a fashion designer from Nashville, TN

Ian, 28, an executive recruiter from Los Angeles, CA

Jared, 26, a restaurant manager from Warwick, RI

JJ, 32, a former investment banker from Denver, CO

Joe, 28, an insurance agent from Columbia, KY

Jonathan, 33, an automotive spokesman, Detroit, MI

Joshua, 31, an industrial welder from Kuna, ID

Justin, 28, a fitness trainer from Naperville, IL

Kupah, 32, an entrepreneur from Boston, MA

Ryan B., 32, a realtor from Wellington, FL

Shawn B., 28, a personal trainer from Windsor Locks, CT

Tanner, 28, an auto finance manager from Kansas City, MO

Tony, 35, a healer from St. Louis, MO

*Courtesy: ABC


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