Fight spring allergies naturally

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)- Springtime is Kapha season.  Avoid the unpleasant symptoms with a few basic ayurvedic practices. In Ayurveda we like to say “like increases like and opposites balance”.  So as the weather becomes more wet and cold temps turn to just cool, create balance within with what you eat.

  1. Avoid DAIRY. Dairy products are unctuous and mucus forming.  Dairy products have the same qualities as the outside air, wet, heavy and cool.  Try omitting dairy for a month and see if you experience a difference.
  2. Eat foods that are warm and cooked.  Wait till summer for the salads and raw foods.  Give your digestive fire a chance to acclimate into the season with easy to digest cooked foods.
  3. Use a neti pot and nasya. A neti post is used to rinse the sinus cavities with warm saline water.  Perform this daily and follow it with the practice of nasya, or oiling the sinuses.  This will protect then nasal lining and also keep allergens from directly aggravating it.
  4. Keep moving.  Don’t let the heavy season weigh you down.  Get outside and move and practice daily breathing exercises to keep respiratory system in check.

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