Local students making a difference in Ionia County

Ionia Youth Advisory Council Lunch
IONIA, Mich.-The Ionia County Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council (YAC) held their Annual Grant Luncheon on Thursday, May 14, 2015. The YAC is a student driven group that strives to both initiate a change in youth habits and attitudes to improve our schools and communities, utilizing service-learning and funding of projects that address local youth issues. YAC is represented by high school students from Ionia, Belding, Portland, Lakewood, Saranac, and Lowell High School.
The Youth Advisory Council is committed to addressing and improving problems concerning young people, by funding programs directed toward youth. The YAC will award monies to the following projects in Ionia County for their 2015 grant cycle: STEM Camp, Victory Games Athlete Registration, Freedom Acres Freedom Makers, IM Kids 3rd Meal, Replacement Goals for Middle School Field, WEB – Where Everyone Belongs, and Special Education Banquet.
State Farm presented a check of $38,700 to support the YAC’s teen leadership and teen driver safety initiatives. State Farm has supported YAC for over eight years, which has allowed the YAC to make a difference throughout the community and state.
Want to make a difference? Click “vote” and help local non-profit win $25,000 to feed local kids.
State Farm Youth Advisory Board has selected IM Kids 3rd Meal as a finalist in the Top 200 Causes in the US for their Neighborhood Assist Grant. IM Kids 3rd Meal needs community support by voting via Facebook: at the end of the voting phase, the Top 40 Causes will be awarded $25,000 to complete their project.
The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is made up of 30 students, ages 17—20, from across the United States. State Farm Neighborhood Assist began in 2012. Each year, State Farm donates millions of dollars to nonprofits across the United States. The Youth Advisory Board helps State Farm contribute to charitable causes and make positive change in communities.
To help support IM Kids 3rd Meal’s cause of being committed to ending childhood hunger in Ionia and Montcalm Counties, please vote! The voting phase for Neighborhood Assist begins Thursday, May 14 and closes on Wednesday, June 3.  Each Facebook user will be able to vote up to 10 times per day to support IM Kids 3rd Meal. Vote at: https://www.state-assist.com/cause/1501152/im-kids-3rd-meal
In Ionia County 1 in 5 children are food insecure and in Montcalm County 1 in 4 are food insecure. Each 3rd meal that is given to a food insecure child, is a well-balanced, ready-to-eat meal. IM Kids 3rd Meal is serving four schools; two schools in Ionia County and two schools in Montcalm County, with a total of roughly 450 food insecure children receiving 3rd meals. Please help fight childhood hunger in your community by voting for this cause.
IM Kids 3rd Meal needs strong community support to make this program a success and reach more students.  For more information on how you or your company can support IM Kids 3rd Meal, please call IM Kids 3rd Meal at 616-527-4900616-527-4900, email imkids3rdmeal@gmail.com or visit www.imkids.org.

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