Blind pilot inspires aviation students

Jim Platzer flying a plane with co-pilot
Jim Platzer flying a plane with co-pilot

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) A former president of a distribution facility for a Fortune 500 company, Jim Platzer was forced into early retirement when he lost his eyesight due to a retinal degenerative disease. Platzer never thought it was possible to continue his passion of flying airplanes, but that became reality when he learned to fly without using his sight.

Platzler is now a motivational speaker. His story caught the attention of Lexi, a student at West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids. She saw his story online and tracked down his personal email. To her surprise, he responded, and after much persistence from Lexi, the school decided to bring in Platzer for a speaking engagement.

Platzer’s message is about purpose in life, relationships, dealing with change, and leadership. Pat Cwayna, CEO of WMAA, says Lexi demonstrated excellent leadership, initiative, and persistence to bring Platzer to her school.

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