Empower yourself with breast density resources

Hands joined in circle holding breast cancer struggle symbol

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)  A new law, going into effect on June 1, 2015 is helping to make Michigan women aware of their breast density. It’s important to know if your breasts are dense or not because it can alter the effectiveness of a regular mammogram. State Senate Bill 879 mandates that women with dense breast tissue will be notified that they are dense on their mammogram results.

To help you better understand breast density there are a number of resources available online. The following tools available at areyoudense.org can help you become better educated on breast density and breast cancer.


Breast Screening Tools for Dense Breasts with Dr. Kathy Schilling
You have dense breasts – what are your options for Breast Cancer Screening?

A Risk Assessment tool that includes a woman’s breast tissue composition 

Are You Dense? App ‘Free’ on iTunes
The Are You Dense? App – a vital resource for a woman’s breast health

Dr. Cappello’s Published Article in JACR – Decades of Normal Mammography Reports – The Happygram

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