Support system crucial during cancer

Pink women

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) It took six years for doctors to discover cancer growing in Christine Law’s breast.

Law was always told she had dense breasts, but she never knew what that meant. She was not at high risk of developing breast cancer and started getting regular mammograms at age 40. To her surprise, she had three tumors in her right breast. All the mammograms she had over the years never spotted a single one of those tumors.

Law had just filed for divorce and had to break the news to her four children, at the time ranging in age from 11 to 20. Her oldest daughter came home from college to take care of Law as she underwent four months of chemotherapy. Her best friend started a calendar for people to bring her meals. People also signed up to sit with her as she received chemotherapy.

After completing chemotherapy, Law had a mastectomy and then six weeks of radiation. The law firm where she worked was very supportive and a family law attorney represented her for free in her divorce.

Law says going through cancer brought her closer to her family and made her a more grateful and empathetic person, but there is a lingering fear about the future. She says she now knows who are the important people in her life and she concentrates on living in the present.


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