Brush away dry skin for a beautiful glow

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)- After the long, cold and dry winter help to restore your skins luster with the simple practice of dry brushing.

Use a natural bristle brush with a longer handle to enable to reach all areas of the body.  You will want to do this just before your shower or bath.  Using gentle strokes start with the extremities and brush towards your center.

Dry brushing helps the skin to excrete toxins and unclog pores.  It will exfoliate the dead dry skin cells present on the surface layer and also stimulate circulation and lymph.  This encourages cellular regeneration.  Also dry brushing is said to help imrove the appearance of cellulite and also varicose veins.

After bathing pat skin dry and massage with a natural oil like sesame, almond or coconut.


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