How to choose the right camp for your child

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Summer camp isn’t just a way to pass time when school is not in session. It’s an experience that teaches kids life lessons, social skills, and more! Make your child’s summer a memorable one by choosing the right summer camp.

The American Camp Association says knowing your options and your child’s personality will help you pick the right option.

Start with your child

Include your child in the decision making process. Does your child like sports? Adventure? Science? Art? Look for camps that cater to those interests, then narrow it down by exploring the location, facilities, schedule, and staff. Most camps have websites where you can find information, maps, and pictures.

>>> American Camp Association: resident camp vs. day camp


A destination that’s a little further from home can work if your child is going to overnight camp. Day camp should probably be nearby. Consider if your child is likely to become homesick or if you want to visit. In that case, pick a location that’s not too far away.

>>> Is your child ready for overnight camp?


Most camps are very affordable. There are a large range of price options depending on the camp. The American Camp Association says the average resident camp fee is $85 a day and the average day camp fee is $43 per day. Many camps and other organizations offer scholarship opportunities based on need. Consider additional costs such t-shirts, souvenirs, outings, or keepsake photos.

Follow a step-by-step guide to find a camp in the American Camp Association’s Database or call the ACA National Headquarters at 800-428-CAMP.

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