Will this remodel pay off? Find out which projects are worth the investment

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)- Will this remodeling project pay off? Jan Lehman shows what investments will be worth it:

Putting in a steel front door
Projected return on investment:

This inexpensive fix (estimated cost: $1,137) can improve your home’s energy efficiency while making a good first impression on house hunters. The doorway is very important because it’s the first thing buyers go through to enter the home. If your home’s front door is in bad shape and paint won’t fix it, it makes sense to install a new one.

Installing fiber-cement siding
Projected return on investment:

Fiber-cement siding is a very popular product on new-construction homes because it’s very low maintenance, it doesn’t need painting for quite some time and it insulates a home well. And while Remodeling predicts you’ll spend $13,083 installing 1,250 square feet of pre painted fiber-cement siding and trim, the job will add to your home’s curb appeal — especially if you live in a cold-weather locale.

Adding a deck
Projected return on investment:

Decks are just a great way to enjoy your home and increase your family’s living space and ideal for entertaining.

Remodeling calculates that installing a 16-by-20-foot wooden deck with posts, railings and a built-in bench and planter will set you back $9,327.

Garage-door replacement 

Projected return on investment: 75.7%

This upgrade can really boost curb appeal — again, particularly in cold climates — even though Remodeling estimates the job costs only $1,496. Water and snow and things bouncing up from the driveway can easily rot garage doors.

Minor kitchen remodel
Projected return on investment:

A minor remodel is defined as repainting trim and replacing the kitchen stove, oven, wallpaper, flooring and cabinet/drawer doors and handles (but not the cabinet/drawer interiors). Remodeling estimates all of that costs $18,527, and the price is worth it if your kitchen needs work. If the rest of the house is really nice but the kitchen is a disaster, you’re going to get much less for house than you deserve.

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