Become a better runner: How to train your chest and lungs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)- Just the same way that you would train the muscles of your lower body you should also think about how you acclimate the muscles of the upper body, more specifically your chest and lungs.

Being able to take deeper and easier breaths will get more oxygenated blood to the muscles that need them more quickly and more efficiently.   By conditioning your diaphragm you will increase endurance and will be less likely to become fatigued.

  • Practice relaxed breathing and silently count the cadence of your breath creating an exhale that is slightly longer than the inhale.
  • Try cobra pose to open the top of the chest and stretch the diaphragm
  • Do a lateral stretch reaching arms overhead to open intercostal muscles

Consider timing your new breath out to the rhythm of your stride.  Let the belly move with the breath rather than focusing the breath entirely in the chest area.

Remember that running requires training of the muscles, heart and the lungs to preform at your personal best.

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