Arcade brings back classic games

Klassic Arcade

GOBLES, Mich. (WOOD) It’s hours of fun for kids and the young at heart inside Klassic Arcade in Gobles.

Klassic Arcade has more than 60 vintage video games and pinball machines. You’ll find classics such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Stargate, Moon Patrol, and all kinds of pinball machines, air hockey, and more.

>>> Photos: family fun day in Gobles

Klassic Arcade also specializes in classic sodas. They have five cooler sections filled with more than 130 varieties of glass-bottled soda pop. You can sample root beer, colas, and fruit-flavored sodas as well as some more unique flavors such as Moxie black licorice soda and Dang! butterscotch root beer.

Almost all games at Klassic Arcade are unlimited play – no coins or tokens required! Five dollar admission gives you as much fun as you can handle.

Vertical Edge Entertainment partnered with Klassic Arcade for a fun afternoon for families during spring break. Vertical Edge has about 70 inflatables and 15 carnival rides, bumper cars, a climbing wall, zip line, and more. They partner with Maranda to provide free family fun at Maranda Park Parties every summer.

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