Go wild for spring break at John Ball Zoo

Filming a tiger at John Ball Zoo

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) There are spring break adventures awaiting at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. The zoo is open for exploration and fun opportunities for children and the young at heart.

One exhibition that’s fun to see is the American White Pelicans. They have one of the biggest wingspans of any bird in the United States – up to six to eight feet! They are most recognizable by the pouch underneath their beaks, which helps them eat foods such as fish.

The tigers are out and about at John Ball Zoo. The exhibition was new in 2014, and the tigers are learning new things and have adapted to their environment. The species of tigers at John Ball are Amur Tigers, which are from northern regions. That means they love Michigan’s winter climate. Amur tigers are highly endangered, with only about 400 adults living in the wild. The zoo hopes the exhibit will raise awareness about tigers and conservation efforts to protect them from extinction.

During spring break, stop by the front board at the zoo entrance to see a schedule of demonstrations and animal feedings throughout the day. You can also see what’s new and exciting on the John Ball Zoo website.

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