Protect your little ones from child identity theft

elementary school students in computer class

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Child identity theft is on the rise. Kids are turning 18 and applying for their first apartment, job, or school loan only to find out that they have bad credit and are thousands of dollars in debt.

Now experts are saying that parents need to be on alert about child ID theft, and take action to protect their kids.

An employee at the Federal Trade Commission, Kenneth Abbe, one of the government’s lead agencies fighting identity theft, said ID theft is growing quicker among children than with adults.

“Parents should be looking for signs that their child’s identity has been compromised,” said Abbe. “They should look for things like if they start getting collection calls in the names of their children do not ignore them that means that their identity has been stolen.”

The FTC recommends all parents and guardians check their child’s credit against the 3 credit bureus when they turn 16, that way if there is a problem they have two years to get it fixed before they turn 18 and become an adult.


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