How to choose the best carpet for your home

Carpet in a house

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV)- Carpet feels soft underfoot and makes a room feel warm and cozy. Carpet can also be used as a decorative element bringing color and texture into a room and working with the walls, furniture and accessories to create just the right mood.

You can express yourself through your carpet.  Now that people are living in their homes longer, they are making bolder carpet choices.  And new products and color palettes give homeowners more options than ever before.  Today’s fibers are more resilient, making carpet more kid and pet friendly.

Here are some tips for choosing the best carpet for your space.

Let the floor provide the pop:Carpet_Decor_Stylish_Art

Almost every room can use a burst of color.  You can put the color on a wall or on the upholstery.  But why not use a brightly colored carpet to provide that unexpected color?

Use carpets to create a layering look:

People love the blank canvas look they get with a neutral carpet.  You can achieve that blank canvas with an interesting color or texture.  For example, you can layer a bold carpet on a neutral hardwood flooring.

Consider using carpet to bring nature indoors:

It’s trendy to create an indoor space that evokes the outdoors.  Carpet can help you achieve the look.  Choose carpet in a nature-inspired color like a mossy green or a watery blue.

carpet decor 3

Get a neutral look with an unexpected hue:

Beige is not the only neutral.  Rich neutrals like chocolate and gray are just right for many spaces.  Yellow can be a beautiful, rich neutral too.

Create a color story:

When you have a bold color on your floor, you can continue that color family onto a wall.  For example, a rich green on the floor pairs well with light green on the wall.

Expand a space with carpet:

To make a room look bigger, choose a color for the floor and continue the same color on the wall.  White walls are not the only way to expand a space.  Carrying color from floor to wall also makes the space feel more interesting.

Check out patterns:

The fell out of fashion for a bit, nut now patterns are back.  People are coming back to patterns for visual interest.  Patterns can make a bold statement, and patterns can also be subtle. Manu of today’s patterned carpets and rugs are small to medium in scale.

Try new textures:

carpet decor 2

Innovation has brought a greater range of textures to the marketplace.  Texture has taken on a whole new life.  Chunky, wood and nubby textures are trends catching consumer’s eyes.

Carpet is so much more than simply a floor covering.  By thinking of carpet as a decorative element, you can find the right combination of color and texture for your space.  Carpet isn’t just something you want to see.  It’s something you want to touch.

For more information, visit our website and share your favorites on our Facebook page.  Thanks to Shaw Floors for this article.

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