Phone apps that could save your life

If you are a victim of domestic violence or simply out on the town at night, downloading a simple app can literally be a lifesaver. New smartphone apps
are camouflaged to appear to have normal news or music content, but in reality provide a quick way to send a pre-recorded distress message to trusted contacts, record audio of what is happening, and much more.

4 Apps that could save your life:

-bSafe: Free. This app allows your friends and loved ones to track your location via GPS. If you send a distress signal, it will instantly alert your loved ones and give your exact location, what’s happening (video), and can even set off a siren.\

-Guardly: 1-month premium subscription, $1.99; 1-year premium subscription, $19.99. Although this app is not free, it has a lot of great features to keep you safe. One-tap quickly connects you with up to 15 safety contacts by conference call and/or private instant messaging.

-Stay Safe: Free. StaySafe Personal Safety is your personal guardian. The app notifies your emergency contacts by email or SMS if you don’t check-in after work, socialising or travelling alone. This message will provide your location so that help can find you quickly.


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