Make your skin naturally radiant with oil

Using oil might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to great skin, but it might be the best. The skin care industry would have us believe that we need to strip all of the natural oils from our skin and then replace them with chemically based moisturizers.  For a more natural approach to radiant skin I recommend a good quality oil.  Use a nourishing oil like olive, sesame, almond or castor.  Apply about a quarter size amount to your palm and gently apply to the face with your fingertips making a circular motion.  Next take a clean washcloth (I maintain a stack of these just for this purpose alone) and wet it with warm/hot water and then quickly wring it out.  Make sure it’s not too hot and hold this against the face gently steaming the skin.  Now gently wipe away the excess oil leaving a small amount on the skin.  I am generally more thorough around the hairline area.

Just like oil pulling for the health of the mouth, the oil will help to draw natural impurities from the skin leaving it soft and radiant.  The added bonus is that the process will also remove any makeup so no need for an extra step of makeup remover.

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