Legal consultations are often free and give you power

Gather information before divorce

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- If you find yourself thinking that your marriage is over and the “D” word is on your mind more and more you need to consider a consultation with a divorce attorney.  Most family attorneys offer free consultations of approximately 20 minutes where you can meet with them, ask questions, tell them your circumstances and get their advice on how you should proceed as well as possible costs involved.

Why would a consultation be a good idea if you have not made up your mind that you want to go there? Knowledge is power. By being informed about your rights, how the state of Michigan handles divorces, possible timelines and costs, you will be ready to take this important step knowing what you are getting into. You can also prepare in case you are not ready to call it quits, but know that the possiblity exsists in the future.  After all, if you were not thinking things were over, you wouldn’t be thinking divorce. Even If you are in counseling with your spouse in an effort to save your relationship it is smart to investigate what you should do if counseling fails.

Preparing ahead of time allows you to get your ducks in a row.  Saving some cash for a retainer, should you need it, is better then panicking about how you will afford an attorney. Having an idea of costs will allow you to save enough to hire who you want to represent you rather than the cheapest attorney you can find.  You get what you pay for in the legal world too.   Gathering documents that you will need to bring with you to your intake appointment with an attorney is better than scurrying around trying to find everything in a hurry.  This is especially true if you are not in control of the finances because you will need all your financial documents such as bank account statements, stock account statements, as well as any 401K or IRA and pension statements.

Gathering information will let you know whether you will be able to stay in your home, what the options are for custody arrangements and so much more.  Knowledge truely is power and will make you feel in control and a lot less stressed out because of the unknown.

To learn more about legal consultations contact DAWN Attorney’s for Women.

Nothing herein constitutes a legal opinion.


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