Variety Magazine gives Jordan the inside scoop

Variety magazine at Oscars

LOS ANGELES, CA-Jordan Carson had the chance to talk to the woman that knows the inside scoop on Hollywood’s biggest night. Jenelle Riley, Associate Features Editor of Variety Magazine answers questions about this year’s Oscar nominees. Jordan interviewed Riley about who got snubbed, who will win and what we’ll see on the red carpet. Click the video above to watch full interview.

What will be a big surprise on Sunday, a movie that will get the nod from the Academy, that people are not expecting?

JR: “I don’t think people are expecting Birdman to win, though it swept the SAG Awards, and won the PGA (Producers Guild of America Awards, you tend to win Best Picture. But people are still predicting Boyhood.”

Bradley Cooper is nominated for a third year, do you think he’ll receive an Oscar this year, or be waiting another 12 months for his next chance?

JR: “This is a crazy competitive year. The smart money down would be on Eddie Redmayne or Michael Keaton, but Bradley has a very popular movie. He’s very well liked and is the only previous nominee. But with these five guys nominated, I feel like any other year, they’d each be the front runner.”

What can people expect to see inside the Oscars issue of Variety this month?
JR: “They can read my interview with Helen Mirren , who is a previous Oscars winner. I talk to her about that moment when the envelope opens and you hear your name. We also have (inside) the gifting suites and the after parties”.

What do you think about Neil Patrick Harris hosting this year?

JR: (Even) “Helen Mirren said they’re never happy. But I think that Neil Patrick Harris is as safe as bet as you can get. Everybody likes him, he can sing and he can dance.”

>>>>Click the video player for complete interview


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