Transform an old sweater into 3 fabulous accessories

turn a sweater into accessories

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Having great style doesn’t have to be expensive!  Simply purchase a sweater at Goodwill and in less than an hour you can turn one sweater into a pair of boot cuffs, a cowl, and a headband.  Check out our step by step instructions (complete with pictures!) to make this project fun and easy.

turn a sweater into accessoriesHow to make legwarmers:

Step 1: Cut off the sweater sleeves. First cut the sleeves off straight across below each armpit.

Step 2: Fold the cut sleeve in toward the center about 1/4”.

Step 3: Use fabric tape along the folded edge.

Step 4: Embelish leg warmers with buttons, hair clips, or even clip on earrings.

Style Tip: These cuffs are great for wearing with leggings and high boots. 



headbandHow to make a Headband:

Step 1: Cut a strip from the remaining sweater. It should measure about 4” x 10.5”.

Step 2: Fold the two edges towards the middle and wrap around an elastic headband, which you can purchase at any Goodwill Store.

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun to adhere when folding the fabric on both sides to meet in the middle around the elastic. Don’t be too fussy here, this part of the headband won’t be visible.




cowlHow to make a cowl (scarf):

Step 1: Cut off the torso of the sweater. Simply cut straight across from armpit to armpit.

Step 2: Fold in the cut edges then use fabric tape along the fold.

Step 3: Sew four statement buttons of your choice along the right edge of the cowl or accessorize with hair bows or buttons down the right hand side of the seam.

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