5 Ways to have a healthier and happier family

Getting back into the groove of the new year can prove to be tricky. Create a happier and healthier family this new year with 5 pieces of advice from Maranda:

1. Exercise together. Create a healthy family by promoting exercise and fitness. It is a fun way to bond and your family will thank you

2. Schedule downtime. It’s important to not overbook yourself and create an overwhelming household. Set aside time to just relax with the family.

3. Have weekly meetings. Have a designated “family meeting” time can do wonders for the relationship of your family. Use this time to catch up, talk about successes and failures, and just connect with each other.

4. Create a routine and stick to it. Keep your family on the right track by creating and executing an effective routine. Everyone will feel more comfortable being on the same page.

5. Prioritize your marriage. Don’t let your marriage fall to wayside during busy times in your life. Use your partner as your rock and don’t be afraid to lean on them!

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