Jill Wallace

Jill WallaceJill Wallace is WOTV 4 Women Fashion Finds expert, specializing in upcycling clothes. Jill can show any modern woman what’s new, different trends, and how to find the best deals. She is the Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids.  Day to day Jill takes care of public relations, marketing, and advertising for Goodwill.

“I love going to our stores and seeing what’s new! Every time I walk through the doors of one of our 18 stores it’s like a treasure hunt. But, the best part of my job is knowing that every dollar spent at Goodwill helps with job training and placement services!”

Jill is a busy mom of two kids. She loves to run, snowboard, waterski, and pretty much anything outdoors with her kids! In addition, Jill serves on the Gazelle Girl Advisory Committee, was a former soccer coach for AYSO, a Daisy Girl Scout leader, and a classroom volunteer at Marshall Elementary.

Let Jill take you through the fab fashion finds at Goodwill Industries!







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