Ideas for family game night

Kids jumping indoors

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t warm up inside with some fun family activities! Get everyone together for game night or just perk up a lazy afternoon with these fun ideas.

Get Little Bodies Moving

children enjoying gym class







Keep it simple and fun with the little ones by encouraging them to hop, jump, and mix it up with these ideas from Childhood 101.

Get Up & Move Dice

Get Up & Move Dice toddler game









This fun and creative game from Growing a Jeweled Rose is perfect for toddlers! Let them create their own game by rolling dice that encourage physical activity.

Balloon Games for Kids

Young Girl Playing with Balloons










Sometimes all you need to get the kids moving is a simple balloon. Check out these ideas from How Wee Learn that take the balloon beyond party decorations.

Let Imaginations (and Bodies!) Run Wild

Having fun at home.







Games like “Jump the River” and “Hot Potato” will get the kids warmed up without them even realizing they’re getting exercise. This fun list is courtesy of Jenn’s RAQ.

Hot or Cold

Kids playing pillow fight







This list by Hands On As We Grow is meant for activities when it’s too hot outside, but they’re just as fun for when winter weather is keeping you indoors. Scavenger hunts, jumping contests, and activity courses will keep kids busy for hours!

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