List: outdoor play activities

kids laying in snow

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Most kids are dreaming of a white Christmas and if they get their wish, some outdoor fun is sure to be part of their winter break! Check out these fun ideas that take playing in the snow beyond just sledding.

14 Classic Winter Activities
Sledding girl








There’s a reason they call them classics. Embrace your own inner child with these simple and fun wintertime activities from What Do We Do All Day.


30 Snow and Ice Activities
Bird at bird feeder in winter







Playing outside will never get old with this extensive list of ideas! Learn how to make ice ornaments, winter bird feeders, snow paint, and more from Red Ted Art.


Do You Want to Build A Snowman?
Family building a snowman







Snowman building takes on a whole new meaning with these fun and creative ideas! From an upside down snowman to a snow army and even a snow face on a car, these ideas from Princess Pinky Girl will keep the little ones busy.


Snow Much Fun!
Children Laying on the Snow







When the white stuff really builds up, take a look at this list for endless fun with snow! Some ideas from Indoor Child Fun include a snow bakery and bringing snow indoors.

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