Have a ball during winter break

Day campers at Air Zoo
Photo courtesy Air Zoo

PORTAGE, Mich. (WOTV) Winter break is on, and if you’re stumped on how to keep the kids entertained and educated when they’re out of school, look no further than the Air Zoo! Air Zoo has winter and Christmas break Science Day Camps and classes for kids age pre-K through sixth grade, including two new camps.

Tiger Trek

Tiger Trek at Air Zoo






This day camp takes place on Monday, December 29. Participants will embark on an expedition and meet a family of endangered Bengal tigers. Hands-on activities include learning about conservation efforts, tiger anatomy, tiger prey, how tigers hunt, and more! The day camp includes a full day pass to Air Zoo so kids can explore all day.

Weathering Earth

Weathering Earth at Air Zoo






Weathering Earth takes place Tuesday, December 30. The day camp is all about appreciating the dynamic forces that shape our Earth every day and how unique our planet is. Campers will learn about tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes. They will make tornadoes and lava and design an earthquake-proof building.

Winter Camps fill up fast! Visit the Air Zoo website or call (269) 350-2848 to sign up. Financial Aid is available if you qualify.

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