The great holiday cookie swap 2014

cookie decorating contest

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)-   The best part of the holidays is enjoying special traditions.  For my family it’s our annual holiday cookie baking extravaganza!  Every year my mom and I compile a list of recipes and spend a day (or two) baking like crazy.  We then divide up the goods and share platters and boxes of cookies with our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors.  Everyone looks forward to the special package of treats and everyone says ours are their favorites!

This year our cookie list consisted of 17 different items and everything we made is nut-free.  Going nut-free in our cookie baking is a necessity because my son has an allergy and we wanted to make sure every item is safe and something he can enjoy.  We had to make a few modifications to our recipes but some turned out even better!  We tried out a ton of new recipes which is a lot of fun, especially the taste-testing.  My dad and husband like to get assigned the job of “quality control”.

Classic recipes included:

•Frosted Sugar Cookies    •Pumpkin Roll                                            •Chow Mein Noodle Candy

•Raspberry Thumbprints   •Rice Krispy Treats                                    •Chocolate Covered Pretzels

•Chocolate Fudge            •Ginger Snaps dipped in White Chocolate

New recipes included:

•Apple Pie Bites                  •Chocolate Rolo Cookies      •Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

•Chocolate Kiss Cookies      •White Trash Bars               •White Chocolate Pretzel Krispies

•Peppermint Oreo Truffles    •Nilla Cake Bites                 •Caramel Puffy Corn


The best part of the “Great Holiday Cookie Swap” is spending time with my mom.  It’s not often we spend 12 hours straight baking and chatting!  Plus we get the whole familly involved.  Our latest tradition is letting the guys in on the fun.  My dad and husband not only serve as the taste-testers but they will actually sit down and decorate sugar cookies with us!  We fill the piping bags, set out the sprinkles and away we go!   We host a contest where we bring in a family member or friend to choose the top three cookies to see who takes home the title.  I’m proud to say my cookies got the blue ribbon this year!

My son also got to decorate a few cookies himself and had a ball!  I’ve got to say some of his were even better than “Daddy” and “Papa”.

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