How to handle stress and change: Let The Crew help you through

Stressed out? Check out the crew tips

My legal tip this time is all about how to handle stress and change.  When your marriage deteriorates or dissolves it effects nearly everything in your life.  You become depressed, your stress level rises, you have a tendency to eat emotionally (which means badly!) and you tend to let things slide that you normally are on top of.  One of the best resources to help you with all of the side effects of marriage troubles is the WOTV4women crew tips!

the crew

If you are feeling down and just have no energy check out Michelle Fife’s tips on yoga and health.  Doing some energizing yoga in the morning will help you get your day off to a great start and rev up your motivation.  Stretching is a wonderful way to relax before bed so you get your much needed zzz’s.

Stress makes you crave comfort food which we all know can be high in fat and calories.  Margaux Drake has so many healthy alternatives that will give you an energy boost, but still fulfill that comfort need.  Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and high in fiber will keep you from snacking on junk and increase your energy.

When a divorce is occurring you need to separate your finances from your spouse and get your financial life in order.  That may include refinancing your home, opening separate accounts and deciding what to do with cash from settlements and retirement or pension accounts.  Nancy Loftis has some wonderful tips that span financial situations from mortgages to financing a new car to living on a budget.

You may find yourself needing to re-enter the workplace after years of raising children and being a stay at home mom.  Perhaps you need a higher paying job or one that offers more hours.  Janis Petrini has employment resources that can help you search for the employment you have been looking for.

With your property being divided you may find yourself with less furnishings and some empty spots to fill.  Even if you retain most of the furnishings it is often good for your psyche to redecorate to give your environment a fresh start for your new life.  Tiffany Talsma and Jan Lehman are your resources for everything from brightening up the look of your home with some simple accessories to a complete redo.

Of course, I have legal tips to give you information on all aspects of divorce.  From how to find the right attorney, tips on custody and visitation and negotiating your settlement to the final divorce decree can be found in the legal tips.

Lastly, but often the most important aspect of keeping your sanity during a stressful time is to take care of yourself.  Get out and join the world on your own and have some fun.  Jordan Carson and Maranda you keep you aware of all the interesting events going on around town so find one that interests you and get out and socialize!  Having a support network of friends is so very important when you are going through tough times.

WOTV4women truly has you covered with some great resources so take advantage!

Nothing herein constitutes a legal opinion.




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