Decorate your windows for the holidays

Many people never think of decorating their WINDOWS for the holidays.   Here are some quick ideas for adding a bright touch of greenery to assembling shimmering strings of ornaments to give your windows an elegant holiday look in no time at all.


Add traditional flair by placing a wreath in front of your window to add color and warmth.  Showcase holiday-themed  collectibles on a table in front of your window to further accentuate the space.

Classic Wreath
Classic Wreath


To create brilliant sparkle and shine, hang glass ornaments in front of your windows to catch and send shimmering light throughout your room.  String an ornament onto a length of ribbon, and attach the end of the ribbon into the wall or ceiling with a small nail or thumbtack.

Christmas Sparkle
Christmas Sparkle


For nature-inspired decor that complements the natural textures of your window treatments, keep decorations simple and inspired by Mother Earth. Tie a pinecone with ribbon and hang it from your window frame.  Place a potted pine on a table with small gift boxes wrapped in neutral paper and a ribbon of holiday color.  Accent with anything you can find in nature such as twigs and branches.

Rustic Decor
Rustic Decor


Like wreaths, evergreen garlands add a bright touch of greenery to our views and and are perfect for a classic holiday look.  Creating your own is easy, If you can’t find evergreen boughs in your backyard, visit the Farmers Market.  Assemble greenery into small bundles and secure with garden wire.  Add bows, beads or holiday lights to give your garland a festive look.

Fragrant Evergreen Gardlands
Fragrant Evergreen Garlands


If you favor more than one decorating style, try your hand at bringing them together to create an element of surprise.  Here we add interest at the window with clear glass bulbs and metallic ribbons alongside natural elements of greenery, pine cones and river rock.  The mix of textures and finishes together with a tabletop tree placed on an angle show off your unique sense of style.

Medley Decor
Medley Decor

Share your festive window decorations on our Facebook page.  Merry Christmas!





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