Artists Creating Together shares the gift of music at Woodland Mall

Artists Creating Together

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Artists Creating Together is thrilled to announce the ACT Chamber Chorale and ACTion Drum Troupe will be performing at Woodland Mall on December 11, 2014. The collaborative performance from 7-7:30pm will takek place near the cafe in the mall. This performance is part of a series hosted by Woodland Mall this holiday season and will feature 25 ACT Graduated Art students. Artists Creating Together is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower people with disabilities from West and Northern Michigan with interactive experiences, both artistic & cultural, while providing opportunities for personal growth and learning.

The ACTion choir, in it’s 10th year, is led under the direction of Teaching Artist Erinn Epp. A subset of the choir, Chamber Chorale includes choir students with more musical experience. The Chamber Chorale, along with the ACT Choir, has been preparing for several since September, with several performances including the Woodland Mall appearance, a private community service event at the
Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, and a family and friends concert at Kuyper College Chapel. Under the direction of Josh Dunigan, the ACTion Drum Troupe is a group of individuals who love drumming and love to perform. They came together in 2013 after the participants in one of Josh’s classes decided to take their drumming skills and begin to perform for others to share their gifts.

Enjoy an energetic, interactive show, and experience these amazing performers. Both performing groups are part of ACT’s Graduated Art Programming, open to individuals 16 years and older. Graduated Art classes include the Drum Troupe, Choir, a visual art form (painting,
paper mâché, etc), and a non-visual art form (dancing and theater) each 10-week session. They serve approximately 200 students each year.

ACT’s mission is to empower people with disabilities from West Michigan with interactive experiences, both artistic & cultural, while providing opportunities for personal growth and learning. Art helps brain development and decision making skills in people at a crucial crossroad in their lives – this is why is so important for all people and crucial for people with disabilities. Artists Creating Together exists to bring people with disabilities together with artists & art projects.

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