7 travel tips for driving this Thanksgiving

Highway in Winter

GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.)Thanksgiving is less than a week away. You’ll be headed out of town soon to make the trip to see family and friends. Traveling by road? Here’s some tips to keep you safe.

Know your route
Plan your route ahead of time if traveling by road. Have alternatives lined up in case traffic is heavy.

Avoid busy travel days
Avoid traveling the day before Thanksgiving as that is the busiest day for traveling and the Sunday after Thanksgiving as people make their way back home. Consider traveling the Tuesday before or even on Thanksgiving itself; for returning the Saturday after Thanksgiving or the Monday after.

Fill up
Fill up on gas before hitting the road.

Have a navigational device on-hand.
Bring a map or GPS system in case you get lost while traveling.

Have cash readily available
Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand for toll roads.

Think safety
Make sure to keep a roadside emergency kit in your car, spare tire, snacks like granola bars, fluids like Gatorade, flashlights and a cellphone just for emergencies in the event that you become stranded.

Prepare for the weather
Review tips on how to handle hazardous road conditions during winter weather.

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