5 Tips for successful Black Friday shopping

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) –Black Friday has morphed into a huge holiday tradition in America. We crave the amazing deals and relish in the hunt to finding that perfect item for 70 percent off. Although, we do not condone shopping on Thanksgiving Day (that’s family time!) Black Friday is whole different ball game, and everyone loves a good deal! Here are 5 tips to ensure your Black Friday goes smoothly and you get the best deals:

Browse the deals ahead of time


Knowing which retailers are going to have what on sale and when before the big day will help you decide where and when you want to go, will help with budgeting, and will help you see who you have left to shop for. As you browse the deals, make a list with the product, who it’s for, the price, the location, and any special hours for the sale. Black Friday is not the day to window shop or casually peruse shops, you need to have a game plan!

Plan, plan, plan!

Shop around to see what the average retail price of an item is before you leave, so you can go to the store that is offering the best deal. Check to see what usually comes with the item you are looking for, and what the store is offering. Many stores offer”stripped down” versions of products, which means you will have to spend money on accessories. Take time to see what accessories you will need to determine if the deal is really worth it or not. Also, check consumer reports to see if the item is worth the purchase. If the product is bad, being cheap doesn’t make it better.

Get to know store policy


As stores are becoming stricter on return and exchange policies, knowing the store policies before you go can help you decide where to shop and what places to avoid. Most stores are now starting to charge a restocking fee and closing the return window, so customers do not have as long to return a product. The amount of time you have to return something is important since you’re buying nearly a month in advance. Having a receipt is also very important, because no receipt often means no return.

Bring the ads

Many stores offer a “lowest-price” guarantee; however you may be required to produce a copy of the exact product being advertised for less. Most local retailers will not meet Internet prices even when the product is advertised on the same company’s website, but it cannot hurt to try.

Saying “Charge it!” can pay off

shopping 2

Obviously, there is no bargain in running up high credit card bills and paying big interest rates, however, with proper spending disciplines intact, using the right charge card can be of value to consumers. Many credit card companies entice consumers with free benefits, which include extended free warranties, return protection and sale price protection.




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