Teach gratitude for Thanksgiving

Family giving thanks

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. It’s important to teach gratitude to children, and here are some fun ways to get the lesson to stick!

1. From a festive gratitude tree to a family journal to a thoughtful quote, these five ideas from Crazy Little Projects will get the whole family involved.

Gradittude tree
Photo courtesy Crazy Little Projects












2. Kids can take an active role in learning about gratitude with seven activities that teach gratitude from Edventures with Kids.

Gratitude Board
Photo courtesy Enchanted Homeschooling Mom









3. Perfect for the littlest ones, these simple activities from Little Dairy on the Prairie take basics like the ABCs and drawing to help teach children to give thanks.
Thank you note







4. Show your kids that being thankful can be all fun and games! The Gratitude Game from Play Party Pin gets the whole family involved, and can pass the time while the turkey is cooking!

The Gratitude Game
Photo courtesy Play Party Pin

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