Yard sales have moved online

Yard Sales

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Yard Sales have moved from the yard to online. Various groups now exist in the social sphere, particularly on Facebook, where people can post items to sell and buyers can express interest and then make arrangements to purchase them. For the West Michigan area many of these online groups exist, such as the Grand Rapids Area Online Yard Sale, the Holland Online Yard Sale, the West Michigan Online Garage Sale and many others.

Sweater for sale
Item for sale in the Grand Rapids Area Online Yard Sale Facebook group.

This trend of Facebook groups for listing and buying products seems similar to Craigslist, though with the exception of one or two, most yard sale groups are closed and a new person can only join with permission. Some groups only allow new membership if someone is invited by another already existing member. So the screening process for a Facebook yard sale group is probably better than what you’d encounter on Craigslist.

Curious if there’s a yard sale for your area, just log onto Facebook and in the search box type the name of your city and either yard or garage sale. If something exists it will usually show up or give you a drop-down menu to choose from.

yard sales on Facebook

These Facebook groups allow you to extend your buying and purchasing to people you’d probably never meet outside the five block radius of your house. Have a coat to sell, jewelry, a game system? It doesn’t matter, you can find someone that wants it in the new age of yard selling, not in your neighborhood, but on the internet.

Have you ever sold or bought anything from a yard sale Facebook group? Tell us about it in the comments.

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