New technology to help combat domestic violence

Police using new tool to aide victims of violence

The police now have a new tool to assist them in combating domestic violence. A large number of women do not report domestic violence and do not follow through if they do report it because they do not want to have to continue to cooperate with police while they investigate the case, according to Mark J. Stern, in an article in Slate Magazine (The latest Tool to Combat Domestic Violence:LED Cameras, by Mark Joseph Stern,, August 13, 2014).  Reliving the experience over and over is very traumatic for victims of domestic violence so it is helpful to have the first interview with authorities be as complete as possible.

Enter the LED camera called Illumacam-2.  It has a light spectrum that enables police to see bruises and contusions before they are visible to the naked eye.  Most domestic violence results in bruising, but the bruises often take days to show up.  When police respond the bruising is new and so there is no visible damage for police to see that coraborates the victim’s claims.  This can result in the victim feeling as if she or he is not believed or that nothing can be done to help.  With this new technology, authorities can instantly see strangulation and battering bruises when they initially interview the victim thus coraborating their claims of domestic violence.


The hope is that once the public becomes aware of this new tool more victims of violence will begin reporting it to police.  It not only gives instant evidence, but also reduces the number of times that victims need to be examined and interviewed.  It also sends the message that authorities believe domestic violence is a crime and that something will be done to help them.

Nothing herein constitutes a legal opinion.

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