Take action against bullying

A boy being bullied

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Bullying is still happening in West Michigan schools and has found its way outside of the classroom. Cyber bullying on social media has a major impact on students, especially in late elementary school and middle school.

Experts at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services say there are ways parents can address the evolving problem of bullying.

What Parents Can Do

  • Be gatekeepers for kids
  • Monitor online activity
  • Model healthy behaviors

If Your Child is Bullying Others

  • Make amends with the victim
  • Loss of privileges for the child
  • Connect consequences to behaviors for your child

Bullying Prevention

  • Look at your child’s behavior
  • Point out issues
  • Offer alternative actions
  • Build empathy for others
  • Encourage schools to enforce anti-bullying policies and programs

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