A mom and her kids give their take on ArtPrize

Brooke and family
From left to right Emma, Brooke and Vaughn.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Brooke, 35, Development Manager at Make-A-Wish Michigan; Vaughn, 9, is in fourth grade at Ada Vista Elementary; Emma, 6, is in first grand at Ada Vista Elementary, and we love ArtPrize! We love enjoying the city and looking at other people’s ideas, understanding other people’s thoughts and creativity, and enjoying their art.

We really enjoying reading about the artist concept and thought process to create the final piece. We like to understand all of the planning that went into creating the piece of art. Both, Vaughn & Emma said that they like to see all the different kinds of art! It is cool that there is art everywhere you go!

Follow Brooke and her kids’ ArtPrize Picks on social media via Maranda’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Look for “Brooke & Family at #ArtPrize” to know it’s their postings.

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