Ensure your kids be taken care of through young adulthood

Gail Sukas standing up and talking

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Many young adults are still financially dependent after they graduate from high school. The number of students who are going on to higher education is increasing as more jobs require it. Yet, the law only provides for child support until age 18 if they have graduated high school, or age 19 1/2 if they are still in high school.

When negotiating the terms of a divorce, it is important for women to think about the financial requirements of being a single mom of dependent young adults. You will still be supporting your child as he or she attends classes or searches for a job to support themselves, but you will be doing so without child support from your ex-spouse.

Talking to your family law attorney about both parents sharing in the expense of supporting financially dependent, adult children is a smart move. It can be as simple as negotiating a provision to have the children’s father contribute to their college education and their support while they are still dependent. This could take the form of a mandatory, mutual savings account earmarked for college tuition as well as a raise in spousal support after child support payments stop. If your ex is financially more well-off then you are attempt to negotiate that they are responsible for all or part of your children’s higher education.

With the Affordable Care Act, adult children can remain on their parent’s insurance until age 26. If your children are still in school the premiums will likely be paid by you so don’t forget to factor that expense in as well. With a little forethought the burden of supporting your children until they are ready to take on the world can be fairly divided between you and your ex.

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