Season Finale of “Extreme Weight Loss”

Photo Courtesy: FB

LOS ANGELES, CA (WOTV)-Jeff and his daughter Juliana have a strained relationship. Juliana was born to Jeff and his wife late in life (her two siblings are more than a decade older). As a result, Juliana struggled to connect with her father, and often felt ignored and overlooked.  Now 15, Juliana can no longer keep her resentment toward Jeff buried. Realizing he needed to be a better father and role model to his daughter, Jeff wrote a letter to trainers and transformation specialists Chris and Heidi Powell asking for help. Jeff and Juliana’s  yearlong physical and emotional journey together – an inspiring story of the importance of family, love and perseverance — during the season finale of “Extreme Weight Loss,” airing TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 (9:00-11:00 p.m.) on the WOTV4.

At 423 pounds, 55-year-old Jeff is 200 pounds overweight. 265-pound Juliana is bullied at high school over her size. Chris and his wife, Heidi, team up to try and help repair the strained relationship between father and daughter while challenging Jeff and Juliana to lose over 330 pounds together.

Throughout their journey, Chris and Heidi will make some of Jeff and Julian’s dreams come true.  Jeff will get the chance to meet and work out with his favorite football teams, the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. Juliana will also have her dream come true of riding roller coasters with her dad at Disney World, where they’ll also run a half-marathon together.

However, their journey doesn’t always go smoothly. After noticing that Jeff and Juliana aren’t losing as much weight as they should be, Chris and Heidi place them under surveillance, and discover that both father and daughter are cheating on their diet and exercise plans. Will Jeff and Juliana come clean and earn a second chance? Or will Chris and Heidi kick them out of the program for their dishonesty?


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