Sports safety starts at a young age

Young kids playing soccer

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Spending time on the sidelines cheering our kids on can start at a young age, but we want to keep them safe throughout their entire playing experience. The experts at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention program recommends parents treat little ones just like athletes. You need to get them stretched, hydrated, and keep an eye on them as they play. Kids are never too young for a sports injury.

Officials with the City of Grand Rapids youth sports programs say some parents don’t think of safety when they start their children in sports activities as young as four or five. But even small children need warm-ups, hydration, and proper equipment. They say parents should treat their children as if they are playing at a higher level.

Every youth sports organization is required to have a parent sign paperwork that makes them aware of the risk of and symptoms for concussions. They are also required to train coaches and staff.

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