8 Types of college roommates you may encounter

What roommate type will you have this year?

Three young women studying in student dormitory, one at desk

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) — Every new roommate will either make you love them or drive you insane. Prepare yourself as a new school year begin you’re likely to encounter one of these roommate types.

The Night Owl

Fridge Raid Pretty Sleepy Woman Insomnia Searches Food Snack Night

This roommate loves staying up late and sleeping into the afternoon. You may hear the moving of chairs during the night, a re-run of Family Guy, digging through the refrigerator or just the chit chat of a 2 a.m. cellphone conversation.

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The Socialite

Two smiling students having a cup of coffee

This roommate is the talk of the residence hall or the apartment complex. She makes friends regularly and you know it because all 30 are at your dorm room or apartment each night.

The Coupling

man and woman watching movie on tv

This roommate breathes and lives romance! She is never is at the apartment or dorm room without her significant other. She doesn’t care how much kissing or hand-holding you see that makes you want to cringe.

The Mean Girl

Young woman applying lipstick

This roommate may or may not be a sorority girl. She laughs at people who drive cars from 2002 and wonders why you buy used furniture instead of new items. You tolerate her, but deep down you’d like to throw a coconut crème pie in her face.

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The Early Bird

Young woman brushing teeth

This roommate is like a living alarm clock. They’re up at the crack of dawn every morning. You cover your head with a pillow as they hum a Katy Perry song in the shower. You are so tempted to change the dorm room or apartment locks while they’re gone, but you don’t only because they let you borrow their stuff all the time.

The Slob

young attractive stressed woman lying down

This roommate is really messy! You feel like you’ve found a second job as a maid.

The Introvert

Young woman covering her face

This roommate barely talks to you or anyone else. They may occasionally say hello, but for the most part they bury their head in a book. They don’t like it when you bring friends over either.

Remember your roommate situation is temporary and you’re not the only one facing these issues. Good luck and starting saving for that one-bedroom apartment for next year.


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