Rod struggles with Broadway dreams and his weight, tonight on “EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS”

Rod "Extreme Weight Loss"
Photo Courtesy: Facebook

LOS ANGELES, CA (WOTV) It’s an emotional night on Extreme Weigh Loss. Rod, a 49-year old fun-loving drama coach always wears smile to hide the self-doubt and unhappiness. He longs to audition for roles on Broadway, but his 448-pound frame has made achieving that dream impossible. Though Rod serves as a caretaker for his elderly parents, he’s never told his father that he is gay. Realizing that his excess weight and his hidden sexuality have kept him from fully expressing who he really is, Rod wrote a letter to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell asking for help. His yearlong physical and emotional journey, which will include auditioning for the Broadway musical “Chicago,” will be documented on “Extreme Weight Loss,” on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 (9:00-11:00 p.m.) on WOTV4.

For years, Rod struggled to tell his family about his sexuality. Though he recently came out to his sister and mother, Rod’s father still doesn’t know that his son is gay. Reluctant to start changing his life without telling his loved ones, Rod comes out to his father before starting his weight loss journey.

Chris will help Rod chase a lifelong dream of becoming a Broadway performer. In New York City for his 50th birthday, Rod will get the chance to audition for the smash-hit Broadway musical, “Chicago.” While in NYC, Rod is also challenged by Chris to climb the stairs to the top of the Empire State Building. You won’t want to miss the emotional episode, tonight on WOTV4.

Rod’s transformation hits a roadblock when his food addiction threatens to get the best of him. Can Rod overcome years of bad habits? It’s an emotional 365 day journey that will also include Carla Hall of “The Chew,” who teaches Rod how to make healthier versions of the Southern food he loves.

*Courtesy: ABC


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