Back to school in West Michigan

Students at West Oakview Elementary School

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Thousands of kids around West Michigan are now back to school. From preschool to high school, there are a lot more options for students and families than traditional classrooms.

Teachers and the superintendent at West Oakview Elementary School in the Northview School district say the first day of school can be stressful for parents. They suggest taking an active role in your child’s experience. At the beginning of the day, tell them they need to learn something new. At the end of the day, ask them what they learned. If you show you care in the value of their education, they will likely care too.

C.A. Frost Environmental Science Academy is a K through 8 school in Grand Rapids. School officials uphold students to high levels of academic performance and behavior.

At MySchool@Kent, high school students have a much more flexible schedule. They can come in two to four days a week, and do most of the work on their own. They can work at home with an online teacher, and come in to meet face to face with a teacher when they need help. The program is offered to students from all 20 districts in Kent County.

Kent Innovation High School is also open to all students in Kent County. It is a project-based model that just welcomed back it’s first senior class for 2014-2015.

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