A shocking exit during “Bachelor in Paradise”

Photo Courtesy: ABC

The remaining contestants are still recovering from a very dramatic week, but with their stay in paradise coming to an end, they all want to make the most of their time. Marcus receives a date card and decides to continue investing all his time in Lacy, so the two head to the enchanting Cenote Dos Ojos. Michelle M on the other hand is overwhelmed and wonders if she should break things off with the fast-moving Cody.

Sarah is excited when new bachelor Brooks Forester arrives in Paradise, which causes her to question her relationship with Robert. Sadly, Brooks swoops in and asks Jackie out on a date, even though she’s been cozying up to Zack. Jackie surprisingly accepts and the two enjoy a dinner date at the lively Casa Banana in Tulum, leaving Zack jealous. The tables are turned, however, when Zack receives his date card and takes Jackie to the majestic Gran Cenote. Meanwhile, Christy is upset when she learns that her love-interest, Jesse, is interested in another woman. Feeling betrayed, Christy closes in on the newest bachelor to arrive, Tasos Hernandez.

The night of the rose ceremony, the cast gathers at the elegant Casa Palapa, where six women will each hand out a rose, meaning two men will be going home heartbroken. The heat is on when Jackie has to choose between Brooks and Zack, and Christy has to choose between the sweet new bachelor Tasos, and the two-timing Jesse. However, in true Bachelor form, one of the Bachelors shocks everyone and decides he no longer wants to stay. With the remaining couples still reeling over that surprise, Chris Harrison reveals that next week will be the last week in paradise and everything is about to change.

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