Kids helping kids: Bringing big smiles to Sibley Elementary

Joyful Sunshine Kids, Social Sizzle, Jordan Carson

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) One young girl is making a world of difference for local kids heading back to school. Lexi, a student at Northermn Hills Middle School in Grand Rapids, began hearing of children who were not able to attend school because they didn’t have shoes to wear. Once she heard this, she began working. Working to make a difference. She gathered her friends, parents and community members and began securing monetary donations and items needed for back to school. She began packing “Welcome Back to School Backpacks” filled with basic items and school supplies through her organization “Joyful Sunshine Kids Club.

Click the video above to learn more.


At Sibley Elementary 400 K-5 students are enrolled for the upcoming school year, and 100% of those students are eligible for subsidized lunches. Of those children, 99-percent are living at or below the poverty line.

PHOTOS: Joyful Sunshine Kids Club at Sibley Elementary


To help the Joyful Sunshine Kids Club- see the list below of needed items, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, pencils and marker. A tax-deductible monetary donation can be mailed to:

Joyful Sunshine Kids Club

P.O. Box 512 Ada MI 49301


Item List # Items Needed # Donated # Still Needed
Toothbrushes 600 300 300
Toothpaste 600 0 600
Dental Floss 600 400 200
Kraft Mac-n-Cheese 600 0 600
Pencils 1500 1500 0
Pencil Sharpeners 300 300 0
Markers 300 300 0
Spiral Notebook 600 600 0
2-Pocket Folder 600 600 0
Glue sticks 300 300 0
Scissors 300 300 0
Crayons 300 300 0


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