Keep your diet in balance with the season

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- When its hot outside and the bodies temperature is on the rise, its best to practice the ayurvedic stance of “like increases like, opposites balance”.    This is the time to avoid hot, greasy and spicy foods and favor light and cooling foods instead.

In a climate such as ours it is best to let your diet be in line with the season.  So now more than ever it’s the perfect time to enjoy summers harvest and everything your local farmers market has to offer.

-Cold soups, like gazpacho or watermelon soups are great for summer lunches and dinners and will pair well with a fresh salad of light greens and berries.  Skip the cheese and the heavier dressings and favor the lighter oils and vinegars instead.

-Try to cook with cooling spices such as cumin, dill, cilantro or fennel.  These can amp up the flavor while benefitting your bodies natural cooling response to the heat.

-Think of water rich foods like cucumbers and melons.  Both of these ingredients can be used in surprising ways in your recipes.

Stay cool with healthy food choices and beat the heat.



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