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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (WOTV)- Door styles and finishes, along with wood species, are what can really change the way a kitchen looks and performs.  They can change the design from traditional to contemporary or from warm and cozy to modern and industrial  Your decorating style and preferences and the cabinet choices you make will determine the final look of the kitchen.

So, Why Choose Haas?

Family owned. Haas is a third-generation, family-owned company. Our reputation is on the line with all of our products. We are the only shareholders; we are not a large public corporation interested only in today. We want to pass the company on to fourth and fifth generations.

The standard product offering features solid, well-constructed features (like dovetailed drawers) at a basic price.

We make our own parts. In order to maintain quality and offer a large variety of products at the best possible price, we manufacture our own cabinet components. We make the doors, drawer fronts, face frames, end panels, drawer boxes, etc.

Short lead times. Because we make our own parts, we can offer a large variety of product- all in a very short lead time. All cabinets and parts are made-to-order on a daily basis; product is not queued to wait until we are ready to make it. All cabinets are completed and ready to deliver in a couple of weeks.

Many upgrade offerings…but only if you want them. We offer a variety of upgraded pieces (accessories and product features) that can be added as you want them, not part of a kit or an “all-or-nothing” approach. This helps hold down the cost, letting you pay for just the features you want.

Custom sizing capabilities…but only if you want it. We are able to modify sizes on product to fit into your layout. If a standard size won’t fit, we can make you something that will. This approach allows you to keep the overall cost down by using standard-size pieces where you can and modified sizes where you must.

Custom integrations. We offer a wide variety of “built-in” features; factory installed to save you time and money.

American made. We are located in Southern Indiana and provide jobs for Americans. We do not outsource wood cabinet parts overseas, we make them in Indiana. We use American lumber and are proud of it.


About Standale Interiors:

Location: 4046 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534


Phone:(616) 453-8201

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