Fun science activities for kids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Get ready to have some fun and stimulate your kids’ brain with these 15 fun science activities for kids, courtesy of Kids Activities Blog.

  1. Build a bridge with two plastic cups and construction paper and test your hypothesis of how many pennies it can hold before the bridge collapses.
  2. Explore sound with a homemade kazoo made with simple items you have in your kitchen!
  3. Perfect for the spring, learn about plant growth spurts and how seeds spread from plants to grow new ones.
  4. Create a marble run to learn about physics. Make predictions about what will happen each time you make a change to the track.
  5.  Explore the relationship between a lever and fulcrum by launching ping pong ball with a homemade lever.  This is perfect for all ages!
  6. Use a wire hanger and a string to make this simple activity to teach sounds waves.
  7. Try this experiment with milk and food coloring to see what happens when you add in grease-cutting dish detergent. Make predictions and discover what happens!
  8. This fun and colorful experiment teaches chemical reactions with just a few ingredients you have in your kitchen!
  9. Talk about water absorption with your kids then test their theories by taking items around your house and placing them in water.
  10. Here is one of the most simple fun science activities you can do with your kids. Grab a few things from around the house and a bucket of water and guess which will sink and which will float.
  11. Learn about more chemical reactions by turning a penny green. There is also a free printable to track your observations!
  12. Observe a plant bulb growing by watching it slowly grow in your house for a month.
  13. Mesmerize your kids by making raisins dance! See what happens when you add carbonated water to raisins.
  14. Explore chromatography using coffee filters and markers. Your kids will love this!
  15. Using recycled materials and a tea bag, you can make your own rocket!

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