Insider tips: keeping your family safe at Disney

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Disney World is often the vacation of a lifetime for families, and a destination for millions! It is a place where memories are made, so you want them to be happy ones. Here are some tips to make sure your Disney trip is a safe one, courtesy of BabyCenter.

  1. Wear bright colored shirts.Buy a few obnoxious colored shirts (think bright yellow, green, red, and orange) for your children to wear. That way, you can easily spot them by just glancing in crowded areas.
  2. Take a photo of them each morning. Make sure to snap a photo of your child before you head out. That way, you have an updated photo of them and know what they’re wearing that day, if the unthinkable happens.
  3. Have them recite your cell phone number. If your child is old enough, make sure they know your cell phone number.
  4. Try using a temporary SafetyTat or Mabel’s LabelsYou can put a “Hello my name is…” tag inside their shirt or you make your own temporary tattoo with, “If I’m lost call…”
  5. Assign a child with an adult. A new twist to the old “buddy system” rule. Assign an adult to a child before you enter the park.
  6. Create a meeting spot. If your child is old enough, discuss a place to meet should you get separated.
  7. Rent a stroller. Have your child(ren) sit in the stroller as you navigate through the crowds. It’s easier to have them in one spot. Add something distinctive to your stroller so you can spot yours in the sea of strollers!
  8. Talk to your child about how to identify a Cast Member. This should be the first thing you do when you enter the park. You can even act it out for them, so they know exactly what to do if they are separated. This is especially important for young children. If you put an identification item on them (tattoo, label, bracelet, etc.), explain to them where it is.

Baby Centers/Lost Child Centers

Disney World provides Baby Centers/Lost Child Centers at all parks and park staff will take any found children to these areas. They also provide extra diapers, formula, baby supplies, and accommodations for nursing mothers.

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