For the first time ever someone gets kicked off “Extreme Weight Loss”

Kenny, a former Marine, and Christy, a caretaker for her ailing mother, both hope to improve their lives by losing up to half of their body weight, but only one of them will make it to the final weigh-in. The other will become the first participant ever to be kicked off the show for bad behavior, on “Extreme Weight Loss,” airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 (8:00-10:00 p.m.) on WOTV4.

Kenny (410 pounds) is a 35-year-old married father of three from Oklahoma City, OK. Formerly very fit and active, after quitting the Marines, he became depressed and quickly gained more than 150 pounds.  Kenny’s depression and weight problems became a real concern for him and his family. After severe tornadoes ripped through his hometown of Moore, OK in 2013 – destroying his children’s school and his childhood home — Kenny realized how short life really is and how quickly it can all be taken away.

36 year-old Christy (380 pounds) has been overweight her entire life. Growing up in Las Vegas, she experienced severe, painful bullying in school and also lacked the help and support of her family to get healthy. In elementary school, a distraught Christy attempted suicide by riding her bike into oncoming traffic and was hit by a pickup truck. Now, a caretaker to her ailing mother, Christy doesn’t have a job or a boyfriend, and rarely leaves her house at all. Christy is looking to turn her life around with the help of Chris Powell.

Coached by Chris, Kenny & Christy will undergo transformations filled with brutal challenges and triumphant victories. Chris will butt heads with the participants. Kenny has an explosive temper that holds him back from reaching his full potential, while Christy struggles to stop being her own worst enemy. For the first time ever, only one contestant will make it to the final weigh-in.

New in Season 4, each participant spends the first 90 days of his or her weight loss journey at the renowned University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) in Aurora, CO.


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