A bachelor may go home after a shocking injury on “Bachelor in Paradise”


LOS ANGELES, CA (WOTV) This week on “Bachelor In Paradise”, the remaining contestants are still recovering from a dramatic rose ceremony. The couples are really beginning to bond, but to their surprise, there is already a new bachelorette at the house and she knows exactly what she wants, Marquel. Even though Marquel and Michelle Money seemed to hit it off, this new bachelorette waste no time getting in between the couple, and asking Marquel to accompany her to the historic and charming Hacienda Uayamonin Campeche.

With Marquel on a date with another woman, Michelle M. plans a romantic double date with her new crush, Robert. Meanwhile, Elise is elated when she receives a date card and Chris B. agrees to accompany her on a romantic date at the luxurious Hacienda Puerta Campeche. Before they leave, however, the excited bachelor sustains a debilitating injury that could put their date and his time in jeopardy.

After Marquel returns from his date, he is asked out yet again, this time by the newest bachelorette to enter the house. Wasting no time, Marquel agrees and heads to the enchanting Edzna Ruins.  Later, Ashlee finally gets her wish to take Graham on a date, though Graham seems to have some reservations. The night of the rose ceremony, the cast gathers at the glamorous Casa Palapa where six men will each hand out a rose, meaning two unlucky ladies will be sent home. But in a shocking twist, two people unexpectedly leave Paradise for good! Don’t miss all the action, on “Bachelor in Paradise” at 8:00 p.m. on WOTV4.


Courtesy: ABC

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